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2020 | The Blessing in Disguise

What a remarkable year. As we start 2021, it’s hard not to reflect back on what the year 2020 brought us. For my wife and I, we were blessed with the quietest, simplest year we will ever have in the rest of our lives. The years that follow will look drastically different than the year we’ve just completed. Brittany, Tana, G + B kitties + I had a year of taking care of us. Growing in ourselves, our faith, our love for each other and our family.

2020 was a year unlike any other. It’s a challenging year to write about. No personal travel. No work travel. Little activities. Little adventure. Yet somehow, we wake up here, the 3rd week of January looking at what’s to come. Forging ahead knowing in the back of our minds that we are one day older than we were yesterday. The year that was a blessing in disguise, with some of the most challenging times humanity has ever faced, brought us an entire family in one fell swoop. Of all the wonderful years I’ve had in my life, this will be

the one I remember most. The year my wife was able to stop wondering, questioning, + fretting over whether she could physically have children. A year that was dark and challenging for so many at so many different times, forced us all to either sink or swim. To live in the moment or let another day pass. To strengthen family bonds or let them wither. To build friendships or let them pass. 2020, more so than any other year in my opinion, was what each one of us made it out to be. Success or failure, happiness or unhappiness, was ultimately up to us.

The third round of fertility treatments was the one that actually took for us. So much actually had to go into this behind the scenes for this to happen. Brittany and I had previously decided that if this IUI didn’t take, we would be re-analyzing our process and taking a break. Taking a break from the nightly injections I was giving her. Taking a break from the heartache. Taking a break from the doctors visits. Taking a break from the sealed envelopes showing up in our mailbox that followed the Dr. visits.Taking a break from it all.

This successful round would not have happened without a bunch of people. One person, however, went above and beyond expectations and ultimately gave us all we needed- another chance. I’m ashamed to say I don’t actually even know this person’s name. I will find out who it was and personally thank them someday. They work for a company called Progyny who provided us fertility benefits throughout this ordeal. This particular person works for the prescription arm of the company, called Progyny RX. Without going into great details, the IUI process relies on one thing-TIMING. We had to start a specific round of shots at a specific time. It was a Friday evening, before our next IUI and we didn’t have our next injectables that HAD to start the next day in the afternoon. Authorizations hadn’t been received/communicated between our fertility docs and the pharmacy (located in Massachusetts-while we live in Texas) thus potentially delaying our treatment cycle. On a Friday evening, this individual stayed on the phone with me, completely understanding of our concern, and the potential ramifications of not receiving this treatment. Authorization was eventually received from a senior pharmacist to OK what needed to be sent to us overnight to ensure we received it the next morning. It wasn’t the way things were supposed to work. This person could have EASILY written us off until Monday, started his weekend, and told us “good luck” on our next round of treatments. He didn’t. He went above and beyond during an hour-long phone call to see my wife and I as human beings-in need of a miracle. He delivered that miracle to us in the form of injectable shots.

As I sit here now, with Brittany having just passed 19 weeks with 4 babies between the 90th + 98th percentile from a size and weight standpoint-AS IF THEY WERE SINGLE BABIES AND NOT QUADS- I can’t thank that unnamed person enough. Thank you for being a miracle to my wife and I in a challenging year. Thank you for your willingness to go above and beyond when it was an inconvenience to you. Thank you for the blessing you were to us and the Meyer quadruplets in 2020.

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