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Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020. A day that I will undoubtedly remember for the rest of my life. Brittany and I had taken a much-needed getaway to see family in Montana and were having a wonderful week with her parents in Great Falls. 2 weeks earlier we had seen our first positive home pregnancy test. We were ecstatic. Little did we know though….

After years of trying to expand our family we had a HIT! A positive pregnancy test on Saturday the 3rd of October. I spent the vast majority of that day in our guest room/my office thinking about the wonderful possibilities of what our future child would turn out like. In between crying and laughing fits, I had vivid pictures of life later on-with children. It was a glorious day and one that I will never forget. We had finally had a breakthrough!

Due to our travels we had our first ultrasound scheduled in Great Falls, Montana. This meant that Brittany's wonderful parents, Brent & Julie would be able to join us at the appointment! We had heard rave reviews about the team and care at Benefis hospital but none of us were fully prepared for the gravity of the day. As we sat patiently in the lobby, waiting to be called back, my mind raced a million miles an hour. After struggling to make this dream a reality for years, all I hoped and prayed for was positive news. We were called into the room, coincidentally by a friend of Brittany's that she had knows growing up in Geyser/Great Falls. Everyone was unbelievably kind and accommodating to the entourage of husband, mom, and dad, accompanying Brittany into the room.

As Brent, Julie, and I sat in the side of the room, the OB quickly got to work. I thought to myself, oh my goodness, this is all happening so quickly. The next thing that followed made my heart drop. An audible “HMMM” from the doctor. “Oh No” was my immediate thought as my mind raced different directions. “Please no bad news” I thought as she continued to look. The doctor proceeded to ask Brittany a couple pointed questions regarding our last round of fertility treatments and after getting the responses, proclaimed, “Brittany, you have 4 babies here.” The news hit me like a mack truck…. Did I hear that correctly? What!? Brittany, in disbelief exclaims “shut up” in her adorable stunned Bert way. The doctor confirms it…. QUADRUPLETS. A TRUE MIRACLE right before our eyes. The next few minutes were an absolute blur but I couldn’t believe the news. 4 babies at once. Brent & Julie were crying and overjoyed and we all leaned on each other for support in those first few moments as the news sank in. I grabbed Brittany's hand and squeezed it harder than ever, almost as if to say, “Can you believe it?” The doctor proudly proclaims, “We haven’t had quadruplets here in 15 years, I would love to share this information with some of our other docs. Do you mind if they join?” Seven minutes later we had a roomful of folks looking at our little blobs of humans on the ultrasound screen. It was a magical moment.

We were quickly notified that this would become a high-risk pregnancy and that it was imperative for use to see the high-risk specialist. As usual, the hospital was unbelievably accommodating and made us an appointment for the same day to meet with the specialist. Our time with her was magical. She confirmed that we have four healthy babies, all with strong heart beats and completely separate yolk saks from each. It was a blessing and an absolute miracle. We received our first pictures of all four of the babies and at that moment it started to truly sink in. We knew very quickly that our lives had been forever changed.

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1 Comment

Jan 06, 2021

I love reading these in depth stories you and Brittanys journey has led y’all to. You both have always revealed brilliant hilarious pure and graceful souls-the type of humans this world actually deserves. Being able to witness these moments with y’all means so much. Thank you for sharing. I’m elated for you two as you know and to see this Meyer chapter blossom. Love you guys!

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