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The First Trimester

Men…. How lucky are we? I feel it’s only appropriate to start off this blog with that point perfectly clear. We have it SO SO easy. How was the first trimester for me? A breeze…. For my wife? A different story entirely. That being said, she didn’t complain. She dealt with debilitating headaches, challenging morning sickness, & joint pain, all while her body was building the hearts, brains, & spines of FOUR Meyer babies. I’m the luckiest man on earth. I had one job throughout the first trimester-support my wife & do whatever I could to ensure she’s as comfortable as possible.

Brittany rarely, if at all complained during the first trimester. This is purely my perception of this process, but I truly believe in my heart that she didn’t feel the “right” to complain after the gift we were given. After so many years of trying I don’t think she wanted to show even one minute of not being gracious or thankful. She stayed unbelievably positive and knew that every step, every day, was just another part of the plan. It became abundantly clear to me during the first trimester why god chose women to form, carry, and build, and deliver babies-men simply couldn’t handle it. We’re babies compared to them. God knew that moms are different, moms are tough, and moms can handle anything thrown at them. I saw it in the first trimester. I saw my wife morphing into a mom right before my eyes.

We had so much fun during the first trimester looking up the statistics of the babies each week. What body parts & organs are they forming at the current time? What size they are in comparison to fruit? In the back of our minds, we ALWAYS thought what else can we be doing to help them? We obviously wanted to give them everything they need to grow big & strong and Brittany did an incredible job with her nutrition, vitamins, supplements, & overall intake. We set an incredible routine in the morning where every single day, I would get up and make smoothies for us. These smoothies were absolutely packed with nutrients that she and the babies desperately needed. Everything we needed for these we got from Costco (shameless plug for one of my favorite spots) and I want to believe that they had a positive impact on how healthy the babies have been throughout the entire pregnancy. Avocadoes, bananas, power greens, plant based liquid protein shake, macadamia milk, acai Juice, almond milk, almond butter, wild blueberries, Costco’s famous 3 berry blend, hemp hearts, flaxseed, & chia seeds. It’s a glorious combination that I hope the kiddos love even when they are out of mom’s tummy!

The first trimester is over now. It’s a period of time that Brittany and I will look back on so fondly for years to come. We know that unless something crazy happens, (something else crazy) we will never experience another first trimester again. It feels weird to type that knowing how far away we felt from having a “full family” not long ago. Those dark days of wondering if we were ever going to have one child. I hope and pray that every day, my wife and I look into our children’s eyes and know how close we were to never having them. I hope it drives us to be extraordinary parents that raise confident, healthy kids who grow up to be wonderful, kind, productive, adventurous people. I hope that we are constantly reminded of this gift we’ve been given. Always remembering how badly we wanted this and how we would have given anything to have the family we now have. I hope we never take a moment of time for granted, stay present, and live with purpose. We’ll never be a part of another first trimester, but the first trimester will always be a part of us.

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