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The Meyer Babies

Where do I even begin with this? How does one adequately put into words a moment that had only been possible in my dreams before? This whole time has been such a blur. The day of the gender reveal came like any other…. Little did I know it would be the day that I would find out the fate of the family. The Meyer name. It feels weird to write that but the thought had always existed that I was the last male Meyer at this moment. If other male Meyer boys didn’t exist, it would be the end of the family name. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been a big deal. Family members told me it doesn’t matter one bit-the reactions that we have received post announcement told a different story. It did matter-it meant a lot to the people who were born into the Meyer family. It started to sink in.

All we wanted was healthy babies. Healthy babies, healthy babies, healthy babies. That was mine and Brittany's only thoughts we wanted to have. When we found out we had four, I had other thoughts creep in. Funny how that works isn’t it? I’m saddened to say that I started to get greedy. Rather than healthy babies-I started saying things like-“just not 4 boys or 4 girls,” “Hopefully a little variety,” “2 boys and 2 girls would be amazing!” What? As if all of a sudden 4 children of the same gender would be a poor outcome? Is this the same person who was hoping for ANY children over the last four years? Now all of a sudden, I have asks? Come on… Keep the perspective in check a little better.

The day of the reveal had come. Covid obviously played a huge part in our day as it will probably continue to do for the near future. Brent and Julie (or should I say Papa B and Juju) were able to join us for this momentous occasion. It was so wonderful having them present. We had a very small amount of friends over as well who were able to join in on the fun. It wouldn’t have been the same without them and to those of you that attended and are reading this – THANK YOU. We were also able to utilize the wonderful technology that we have available to us these days. All 3 of my parents were able to join virtually via Facetime from Montana. It would not have been the same without them.

I don’t think I have ever been more nervous in my life. We had 4 babies to reveal-pink or blue 4 different times. Could my heart handle it? I wasn’t sure. We were about to find out. Our first reveal included our wonderful golden retriever, Montana Meyer. Everyone was outside and the Sypesteyn children, some of our favorite people in San Antonio, put a bandana on Tana inside the house. When it was time for the first reveal, they opened the door and Tana came running out of the back of the house, down the steps and right towards Brittany and I-WEARING A BLUE BANDANA! We had a boy-Baby A. We were elated. Tana had no idea what was going on. She loves a good party but she was sure wondering what all the fuss about her was for. It was an incredible moment.

After gathering our composure, it was time to move onto Baby B. We had an ENORMOUS balloon filled with confetti in the backyard. As we all looked on in anticipation, I swung a stick that had been modified with a screw on the end (thanks Papa B) and POPPED the balloon…. BLUE confetti rained down on everyone in the backyard. It was a shocking moment and my heart was racing a million miles an hour. Brittany and I now had 2 Meyer boys! What a blessing. We were elated and it took a moment for us to catch our breath and gain our composure back. We moved quickly after the 1st reveal to the 2nd and I needed a moment to gather myself after baby 2.

Babies A & B had been revealed. It was baby C that would really get the brains and hearts stirring even more. At this point, I had no idea what to expect for the others. All I knew was I was so unbelievably thankful. Thankful for my wife, this life we get to live together, and the blessings that we had already received. It was time for baby C. Confetti poppers this time. Fun confetti poppers-big confetti poppers with TONS of confetti! Haha. After a short countdown, the confetti poppers were popped! Well one of them was right away. I saw it immediately, even before the others had popped open. BLUE! Hahahahaha. Oh my goodness. I about fell on the floor. I looked at Brittany and she was just bawling and couldn’t believe the outcome. We had three boys in a row. After my elation settled a bit, the thoughts started to creep in. 4 boys? Can't be. Could we even handle 4 boys? Two of our dearest friends, Cam & Colleen, have 4 boys, with the most recent 2 being twins. Cam affectionately refers to their home as “the frat house”. It cracks me up every time he says it. HA! Are we going to have a “frat house” too?

Baby D-A cake sits in front of Brittany and I to reveal baby D. It had been the first time the two of us cut a cake together since our wedding. My hands were shaking and I stood over the cake repeating over and over in my heads, “Please God-let this cake be PINK! Just let this cake be pink.” Since the day we found out we were having quadruplets, Brittany has never wavered on her prediction for the kiddos-3 boys and 1 girl. She was so confident in it. Call it a mother's intuition. Would it come to fruition? We slowly cut into a piece of cake. When we reached the bottom of the cake, we slowly started to pull the piece out. I saw a tiny sliver of PINK!!! I quickly grabbed the entire piece in my hands with an emotion I can only describe as pure joy. The cake was pink! I squeezed it in my hands and just let the moment sink in. Brittany and I had a little girl. A little girl to be watched over by not only her parents, but 3 brothers as well. Good luck baby D-you will be, and already are so loved.

Next to August 8th, 2015, the day Brittany and I got married, I’ve never had a more momentous day. This was truly a life changing, unbelievable experience and I still remain shocked to this day that we have been entrusted & blessed with this wonderful gift. It’s unbelievably humbling & motivating. Life's path is a fascinating journey. The series of events that led to Brittany and I ending up saying “I do” that incredible day back in 2015, seems almost unfathomable. Now here we are, and when we celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary this August it will be an unforgettable one. I hope we get a moment of it-just a couple minutes for the two of us. Just to look back on the last 6 years & say thank you-a moment to reminisce. It may happen-it may not. One thing I do know that’s for certain- We will be surrounded that day.

Surrounded by love. Surrounded by 3 boys, & 1 girl. (who all probably need a diaper change) 😊

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Feb 05, 2021

I love getting to hear from both of your perspectives ❤️ The Meyer name continues with three boys and a (soon to be very spoiled I’m sure) little girl!! Love you guys and I’m so excited for every step of your journey!


Feb 05, 2021

This is so beautifully written, I really feel like I was there! And I did not plan on crying today! I am so happy for y'all ❤❤❤

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